Review for Auditions!


(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-04-18

Name: Aura Davenport
Age (preferably teenagers) : 18
Male/Female :Female
Appearance ( i dont want clothes because you will be wearing the black parade uniforms) :
Eyes: Big emerald green eyes
Skin/hight/wight: Pale, 5'1 slim.
Personality : Bubbly quirky, talkitave but knows when to shut up, protective over friends and family, funny, lively, happy.
How you joined the black parade : she wanted to fight for whats right. Already great friends with the Way brothers she wanted to help them out by joining the army. (Crap i know change if neccery)
Are you close to anyone in Particular? (Gerard, Mikey, Mother War, Frank or Ray) Gee

Sounds intresting i shall be reading =)