Review for Auditions!


(#) xx_eddi_xx 2012-04-18

Name: Zach Toro
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Siblings: Ray
-Hair: bleached to hell. Eyebrows match though, and after a dare, he bleached the eyelashes on his right eye
Eyes: green, but wears violet contacts like a right douche
Height: 5'9"
Skin: a normal white boy color. Not too tanned, not deathly pale.
Clothes: button up shirt over solid. Colored t-shirts usually. Dark denim jeans.
Facial Features: an odd patch of a beard--well, what he insists is a beard--on the underside of his chin
Piercings/Tattoos?: nope
Personality: a twat. Like honestly. But when he's all alone with someone he isn't trying to fuck or impress, he lets them see his softer side.
Likes: coffee. Going to the gym.
Dislikes: his appearance, so he works out excessively and is always primping himself.
Hobbies: lifting weights. Boxing. Manly things.
Greatest Fear: being caught with his guard down.
Sexuality: pansexual and polyamorous
Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: smokes like a fiend
Back Story(try and be original and fairly detailed): as a small child, he was badly burned in a housefire, so he's got pretty gruesome scarring all up and down his back and on the backs of his legs and arms. He became obsessed with his body image ever since. His arrogance overcompensates for his shitty self esteem. Only his siblings know how much his scars bother him. He hasn't had anyone to open up to about it, and likely wont unless there's a major connection between him and the person.
Anything Else: nope.

Hope you can use him!!