Review for Auditions!


(#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-04-18

Auditioning mainly for the part of Mother War's daughter, but that's always up to you. I don't mind which ever roll I get :)

Name: Dana
Age (preferably teenagers): 17
Male/Female: Female
Appearance ( i dont want clothes because you will be wearing the black parade uniforms): Stands at 5'8''. Naturally skin figure. Jet black, sleek straight hair that goes half way down her back (to her waist). Big bright emerald eyes. Full lips. Long eye lashes. A birth mark kinda like Marilyn Monroe's. Has a lip ring on the left side of her bottom lip.
Personality: Kinda strong and agressive at first. Gives out this mean, fearless, head strong attitude but once you get to know her she's the sweetest thing ever. She likes making people laugh and likes having a good time. She's got lots of energy and is extremely hyper. Even though she has a very bubbly personality she tends to get very protective when it comes to sticking up for those she loves and cares about. Not afraid to get down and dirty in a fight. Isn't really afraid of anything. She loves adventure as well.
How you joined the black parade: Suicide. She was bored of the same old shit. Tired of the constant ignorance and small mind of everyone.
Are you close to anyone in Particular? (Gerard, Mikey, Mother War, Frank or Ray): Mikey :) Or Frank :)

Hope you liked my audition :) I wish you good luck with your story and I can't wait for the results to be up :3