Review for Auditions!


(#) fatherfuckingmeese 2012-04-18

Name : Tanner Riley

Age (preferably teenagers) : 14

Male/Female : female

Appearance ( i dont want clothes because you will be wearing the black parade uniforms) : I have light tan/olive skin, very short, long (straight) jet black hair with some layers, I have a side fringe like Frank had in the Demolition era. My eyes are big and dark brown with tons of eyeliner, I have snakebites and two tattoos: DEMOLITION LOVER and BULLETPROOF. I kind of look like Alicia Way.

Personality : hyper, outgoing, bubbly, witty, loyal, I pretty much act like a puppy dog, headstrong, I'm funny in a sense that I don't catch on to things, usually very happy unless someone pisses me off. (Usually by calling me short- then I punch them.) I'm energetic, creative, a bit of a rebel, and somewhat outspoken. I'm also random at times and somewhat unpredictable.

How you joined the black parade : I never really had a good relationship with my family- a lot of abuse. . and I decided to run away. I was stupid enough to run in the middle of the road because it was midnight and I assumed there wouldn't be any cars around. A car full of drunk teenagers was speeding around a curve, lost control, and hit me head on, running me over.

Are you close to anyone in
Particular? (Gerard, Mikey, Mother War, Frank or Ray) : Very close to Frank. :) Is it possible I could maybe date him?If not that's cool.

Thanks for reading! I really hope you liked it! :3