Review for Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

(#) dancingdragon 2012-04-18

-Real name- Jenna Boutilier (Boot-il-e-ay, french XD)

-Killjoy name - Fire Fly

-Clothing- Like this !

-Personality- Very bubbly and cute, but gets lonely and when she gets lonely she's very cranky :c , not very nice to strangers as she doesn't really trust a lot of people after being betrayed and alone for so long.

-History of his/her past life before being a killjoy- Originally born in canada but moved to california just before the bombs went off. Her Father abused her all her life, and her Mother just stood by and watched, so she's very agile at times and flinches a lot and has very bad flashbacks. Name is Fire Fly because of her love for bright colors and the first thing she saw was a radio-active mutant firefly type thing that was bright blue like her hair :3

-Another thing if you want to add... She looks like the killjoy outfit picture but her hair and skin is like this :

-The things I forgot- very pale , and her gun is black and white with 'bella morte' written in red on the side.

Thanks for reading and good luck writing !