Review for Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

(#) patdfan01 2012-04-18

Real name: Storm Gray

Killjoy name: Adrenaline Chaos

Outfit: Black, slightly oversized shirt with differemt colored neon paint splats, neon skinny jeans, worn-out grey converse with black shoelaces and writing. Always, and I mean always wears her oversized hoodie to hide her cuts, on rare occasions she takes her hoodie off to either shower, or add more cuts.

Personality: Shy, quiet and reserved, but when she knows you well, she's really hyper (hence her killjoy name) is really loyal and will literally take a bullet for you when she trusts you (literally, by meaning she actually did take a bullet for her friend once, and lived)

History: Her father was in the military and got killed in Afghanistan. Her mother somehow finds a way to blame her and hates her for it. Her grandparents, and her best friends at the time, had died, so she had no one to talk to. She started ro cut, and when BL/I took over she ran away and lived in the zones, until someone found her.

Anything else: Birthday is October 31; is slightly bullimic; is vegetarian; she cuts (as you probably have guessed) and loves to write. She writes insanely awesome song lyrics and can play guitar, piano, and bass. She also loves to draw, and doesn't feel comfortable anywhere without her notebook and pencil.

She also has pale skin, really dark black (natural) hair with scene-cut bangs and bright blue eyes, is 5'9, and is wispy and thin.

Thanks for considering! :D