Review for Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-04-19

-Real name Lucy May
-Killjoy name Cherri Kid
-Personality: Always puts friends and family before her self, lively, careing, bold, speaks her mind, talkitave, funny, empathetic, protective.
-Appearance (like hair, eyes, piercings, tattoos, skin tone...)
Eyes: Sea green
Skin tone: Natually pale but because of being in the desert slightly tanned.
Tattoos: On the right side of her ribs she has carttoon stars running up her side, both forearms have flying bats on them.
-Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Cookies, ice cream, sugar, Rock music Dislikes: Spiders, lifts.
-History of his/her past life before being a killjoy: She moved from England to Califorinia when she was 6, not long after the moveher parents split and she went tp live with her mom. Her mom found a new boyfriend when Lucy was 14. He hated lucy and lucy hated him. A year later BL/ind took over and her mom was killed infront of her and her mom's boyfriend was taken away to presumely become a drac. She ran off into the desert. 2 and a half years later she wants to find her dad and take BL/ind down.
-Another thing if you want to add...
-The things I forgot. She always carry's a lighter arround with her that she uses to burn dracs that shes killed with, her dad got her it.

Like the sound of this, good luck =)