Review for Possible idea and auditions?

Possible idea and auditions?

(#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-04-22

Science Apprentice:
Name: Tay Parker
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Features: long, waist length black hair. Dip-dyed turquoise, full fringe. Dark sapphire blue eyes. Piercings/tattoos: lip piercing, musical note tattooed underneath ear. Slightly tanned skin.
Clothing: coloured skinny jeans, or shorts with ripped tights. Band tee's or quirky/funny tee's. Band hoodies, and usually batman converse+batman belt. Always wears a bandana in her hair.
Personality: relatively quiet, until you get to know her. Has quite a sarcastic and dirty sense of humour. Acts almost insane at times, and is too clever for her own good. Is slightly awkward, but manages to flirt with almost every male she see's.
What they CANNOT do: go near spiders, enter small spaces, go in the dark, be left alone. Cannot use needles on other people.
Do you mind if they possibly die?: nope, but only if she dies in an awesome way! XD

Hope you like it, good luck with the story!
Minnie xo