Review for Possible idea and auditions?

Possible idea and auditions?

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-04-22

name: Anna McLeod 
Gender: Female 
Age: 21

Description- Tall, pretty skinny, wavy dark brown hair a little past shoulders, Blue/grey eyes, pale, with a few freckles across bridge of nose. 

Features: Big blue eyes, long eyelashes, small- slightly upturned nose, pale lips. 

Clothing: Dark wash skinny jeans and big Tee-Shirts or hoodies. Likes wearing gloves or lots of bracelets, too. Will sometimes wear dark eyemakeup, but mostly goes for grey or brown. 

How they met: High school Shakespeare class

Personality: Quiet and generally soft-spoken to those she doesn't know. To her friends, she is a bit talkative, and loves to make people laugh. Has a dry sense of humor, and is usually very sarcastic. Very driven when it comes to her work, and she loves to try new things. She also likes reading, most 90's rocks music, abstract art, and classical literature. 

What they simply CANNOT do: Um... I don't really care.