Review for Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-04-22

Real Name: Anna Carlisle

Killjoy Name: Pyromania Riot

Usual Killjoy outfit or clothing: Main colors are Red, yellow, orange, and black. She wears a black leather jacket with an assortment of buttons and pins, over a black tank top that goes down to her mid thigh, acting like a dress, almost. For her legs, she wears short-shorts, (but they're covered by her shirt). Under that are three thin layers of fishnets, each one Red, Orange, and Yellow. Those, you can see. Lastly, she wears black military style boots. 

Appearance ( I like links or really good descriptions for this!):
Hair: Dark brown, wavy and curls at the ends, goes down to shoulders. Has dyed red bangs, though. 

Gun/mask: Gun is black with Red/Orange/Yellow paint splatters, and the mask matches. 

Personality: Quiet to people she doesn't know, and can seem anti-social if put in a group or crowd. When you do know her, she can sometimes be nihilistic and often sarcastic. Despite her sometimes rude nature, she is very intellectual, passionate about the Preforming arts, and takes pride in her taste in music. (90's rock- grunge, contemporary, alternative etc). She is also extremely self conscious, hence the hostile personality. She always reminds her friends of how beautiful they are, because she doesn't want them to end up with a low self-esteem like she does. 

Background story (not necessary but helpful): Not a very interesting background... Was pretty much an underachiever in school, so nobody payed much attention to her. She liked that, but one day realized that you should do something with your life. All this time she wasted she wanted to make up for, so she became a killjoy. 

Any bad habits?: Biting lips or picking at her (black) fingernail polish. 

Talents: Loves abstract art, and is also very flexible.