Review for Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

Auditions For Water, Water Cold And Deep!

(#) detonationmouse 2012-04-23

Here's one of my OCs. Hope ya like him! ^__^

Real Name: Jadrien (Jade) Sanders

Killjoy Name: Acid Fallout (Goes by Fallout)

Usual Killjoy outfit or clothing: worn orange skinnies, black combat boots, a white v-neck tee with a picture of a fallout symbol on it, a dark blue motorcycle jacket, neon yellow and blue checkered fingerless gloves, and he wears a green beany.

Appearance ( I like links or really good descriptions for this!): Tall, slightly muscular, light-skinned with scars on his arms from battle, he has layered green hair with a fringe that falls over both eyes, his eyes are a peircing grey, he has one lip ring.

Gun/mask: A dark blue gun, he prefers a green bandana instead of a mask.

Personality: humorous, a ladie's man, a bit cocky, somewhat wild, a prankster, he can be a player but only if it's not a serious crush. Very adventerous, over protective, volatile when angry, clever, outgoing, pretty friendly. Doesn't speak of his past. He has severe anxiety issues.

Background story (not necessary but helpful): He was badly abused as a child, but if not for his fellow killjoys he'd be very pessemistic. He is always trying to lighten things up.

Any bad habits?: He bites his nails when anxious.

Talents: He can hijack anything with a motor, and hack into anything electronic.

Anything I forgot or you want to add: Nothing, sorry. :)

Thanks guys ! and I do need alot of males, so feel free to make one up and audition twice ! c: