Review for Possible idea and auditions?

Possible idea and auditions?

(#) detonationmouse 2012-04-23

Name: Jadrien (Jade) Sanders

Gender: male

Age: 23 (or whatever fits for the story)

Features: Tall, slghtly muscular, he's Caucasian, he has piercing grey eyes, one lip ring, and his hair is neon green, very shaggy/jagged with a fringe that falls over both eyes. (only a little bit)

Clothing: Tan skinny jeans, dark blue converse with yellow laces, a long sleeved blue woolen shirt. He also wears a grey beany.

Personality: slightly cocky, a ladies man, a prankster, a bit of a player, very protective of the ones he loves, charming, outgoing and outspoken, clever, he's very serious about his profession and what he believes in, he also has anxiety. Also loyal.

What they CANNOT do: I'm confused about what you mean by that. I apologize.

Do you mind if they get killed?: Nahh, it'd be better if he didn't but that is your descision. :)