Review for Birthday Surprise!

Birthday Surprise!

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-04-25

I was planning on replying to the email... but I got here first. I always check your A/N and reread and I was like... "Hm..."
And I lost my point. Oh well. Huh. I don't want your babies. No offense, but I don't really want anyone's babies so yeah... anyway.
Oh, yeah. What I was going to say; I would probably beta your coursework if I could be helpful in that (and it wasn't illegal, I guess), but I don't know shit about anything. But yeah, do your revisions and then begin writing that new story. I will beta it and ENJOY IT WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!! (I give you full rights to delclare 'what the fuck' right now. Go ahead. Say it. i know you want to...)
Okay, now I must WTF myself.
Anywho, yep. Can't wait to beta the next story. Well. Mostly I can't wait to read it, but if I can beta it then I can read it before everyone else and that is a SCORE.

Author's response

hahaha - did I say that? Shit, I don't want kids either! And if I did, I'd prefer them to be someone's who I've actually met. It was meant to come out that being called a ninja is second only to being told that someone wants your kids in terms of compliments!

Well... this is awkward. Moving on...


Lol, yeah, you're gonna be my fucking beta ;)

I'm crazy!

Thanks again, and I'll contact you when I next write something.