Review for The Oncoming Storm & Co.

The Oncoming Storm & Co.

(#) WickedDiamond 2012-05-07

OMG exciting. I love this story so much. The writing really is fantastic. Although a bit tiring to read.. maybe next time have a few more spaces in the text =)

But it really is amazing. I love that I get the same tensed up, scared feeling as I do when I watch the episodes. How will they get out of this??

I really hope you update soon. I love this. It's my dr who fix now until the show starts again. Well done on the writing =) xo

Author's response

Thanks, I'll try to put more spaces in the next chapter, thank you for the advice :) I'm amazed you feel the same reading is as you do watching the show, that really does mean a lot to me :) i'm counting down the days until it comes back! But im really glad you enjoy this xo