Review for 100 Ways To Torture Gerard Way

100 Ways To Torture Gerard Way

(#) Black_Poison_Heart 2012-05-09

1) GO GERARD! Finally fighting back. Punishment may be ensured, but whatever. I keep getting the feeling that Lindsey was behind Gerard's torture, but whatever.

2) I'm seriously just waiting for Gee to get tetnus or something, coz I doubt the 'Blackbirds' would sterilse their equiptment.

3) They said they "might" get Lindsey in to give head to the Blackbirds and maybe even Gerard... but you said that they surgically gave him a vagina...

4) Gerard's finger nails and toenails should be growing back soo, ayye? Though, I suppose not, for Gerard isn't eating too much good stuff for his body to waste it on nails and hair. But then again, nails and hair is just dead cells...

Anywhoo, I'll leave you to ponder.