Review for One Cut

One Cut

(#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-05-29

This is awesome! Rycer is my current Panic! OTP (yes, even above Rydon) and the fact that you wrote one has made my day! I loved the flashback, I thought it was brilliantly done and you got a real sense of the terror that Ryan was experiencing. Then when Spencer was crying it broke my heart a little bit because he was so desperate to understand.

I know that this is just a one-shot, but I'd really like to see a follow-up. Perhaps where Ryan finally tells Spencer or Spencer somehow finds out. You don't have to of course, but I think it'd be really nice to see.

Anyway, great job with this and I hope you write more Rycers in the future! :D

Author's response

Haha that's funny that you said that because I actaully really don't like Rydon all that much, despite how often I write it. It's just not my thing. lol I'm so glad you liked it! I can't exactly say I enjoyed writing it all that much because it was so disturbing but I'll definitely write more Rycers in the future.

I was actually thinking about writing a follow-up but wasn't sure how to do it. Maybe something will come to me :)

Thank you so much!