Review for Give It Your Best Shot

Give It Your Best Shot

(#) Vanir 2012-05-30

Very nice.
I really do like James' reaction. Very professional, and as i would see a good auror. Not a fighter, not a moron but a good, skilled cop. The connections he made were plausible, he didn't go off half-cocked and he didn't waste time claiming anything as impossible. He just chose the most probable of the impossibilities. Harry on the other hand is rather odd. At this point, ch3, he's quite inconsistent. I cannot merge Canon, the mercenary thing and the Grey Lord in one person and have it make sense yet. OC's? Bring'em. Every Canon-character has been done to death and beyond. Just be careful not to bring too many into the story. All of a sudden the story becomes too complex and clumsy and impossible to steer. Too many OC's brought my story to a multi-year hiatus, so watch out! That said, i love the storyline so far. Keep up the good work!


Author's response

Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm glad you like it so far and that you like James's reaction and find it suiting for him.

You'll find out more about Harry later on. I know his whole story. His first five years at Hogwarts were the same as in canon. However, after Sirius's death things went a bit differently, which led to all hell breaking lose. But you'll find out more about his life in time, as the story continues.

Oh, and I hopefully won't end up adding too many OCs, but just enough to make the story good.