Review for The Life of a Ficwadian Reviewer

The Life of a Ficwadian Reviewer

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-05-31

Lol, when you were talking about Blood on the dance Floor and being addicted to their music even though it's shit, right before you said BotDF, I was just thiking "Yup, that's me and BotDF."
That's kind of awesome and weird. And your hyperness amuses me... Nice hat.
When I saw you updated this, I was like FUCK YEEEEEEEES!
(I even inturupted writing a chapter of one of my non-frerard fics.) I've kind of (Completely) been ignoring Ficwad,and when I saw this I just couldn't resist... YOU DIDN'T RATE TRICKS OF THE TRADE! (Which i need to write, dammit. Sorry. i thought I had the third chapter up already)
Lol, I really loved this particular segment! (You should totally do, like, an author review on me because I am that fucking awesome. Lol, JK.)
But, um, can you do my first story? I'm really curious about what you think. It's on my old account, akeala1089, and it was my first fic EVER. (Eight months ago... seems so far away.) It's called Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (I think I forgot to capitalize the name... shit) and it's a vampire frerard... yes it is I tell you. We DO need some Ronnie fics.. (I've only seen one interview, otherwise I might. That, and wikipedia... Meh. I'm listening to him right now.)
Wow... Yep. YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, K? K. Cuz, really, you know w3hat they do to guys like me in prison!
(WTF is wrong with me...)
Hm. The MEH. has spoken. Obay ;D
(I don't even know... foutre.) That would be fuck in French.

Author's response

Actually I did rate it XD I said it after my spiel (yes that's a word) about Frerard and Andley. It is 8/10 in case you missed it. Oh, and if you wanna watch some more epic Ronnie interviews Bryan Stars has two good ones up ^_^ AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY I MAKE YOU HAPPY.