Review for "We're Not Okay."

"We're Not Okay."

(#) MCRmygirl 2012-06-06

Dear Forgotten Danger Heart,
I know you won`t respond to this review. I don`t expect you to, especially since this story has long since been completed. However, after reading this once again, and finding myself literally laughing out loud at midnight, I was once again struck by the realization that I seriously miss you. I miss your rambling and your goofiness, and the way we could coorispond for hours about stories we were writing. I`m sorry that I f*cked that all up. There goes the dream of traveling the world in a bus, growing old and being crazy dog ladies together with Christian and Adrian.

On a side note, Natalie REALLY wants to know how you`ve been. If you`d like to talk to Fallen Avenging Angel, I`ll have her email you. Just drop her a line if you do still want to talk to her. She misses your friendship as much as I do.

I`ll stop with the sentimental crap. I miss you, best friend.

ps. I think I`ve found my Adrian...