Review for Forbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-06-14

Whoa, some legal shiz is goin' down... I was actually surprised at something - I thought it would be more likely that people would believe Kassidy's story over Derek's. Like, you know, the whole 'weak girl protecting herself from strong boy' sorta thing. Not saying she's weak, but that's the general stereotype of girls, which pisses me off to no end cause I'm a tomboy. (And stronger than some of my male friends, but eh. Beside the point) :P Anyway, moving on.

Just when I think the argument between Ryan and Kassidy is resolved, they start another one. And so on and so on. XD Somebody just lock 'em in a room and not let 'em out until they've made up (or out)!

You know what? As I've been reading this, unless there is any mention that, "oh, she's my sister," or "he's my brother," I actually forget that this is incest. O.o Dunno how that works!

This is working so far, and I'm so interested to see how you keep it going. And if that wasnt a painfully obvious way of telling you to update ASAP, then this is: UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!! XD

Author's response

I know! It is, and that is usually how it would go but sometimes in order to make an example of someone and change how things normally go... the law makes examples of some people, you know? That's pretty much what this is. (Same here, but most of them attempt to deny it until the bitter end in which I prove them wrong.)

Haha, that's a pretty darn good idea!

I really wanted it to be that way because it also makes writing it seem a lot less wrong, you know? Incest disgusts me but unfortunately I can't seem to find a set reason as to why, that I can't rebuke in my mind. I hate arguing with myself about shit like that though.

I'm going to try to update tonight! I'm so sorry about how long I take lol. I hate not being able to sit down and write this out more often but I appreciate your reviews and that you're keeping up with the story. :D So thank you!