Review for Auditions!!!!!


(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-06-16

Name- Anna Carlisle

Age-  16

Part- A victim or a ghost

Hair- layered and a bit choppy with bangs, dark reddish-brown, goes to shoulders. 

Eyes, Skin and Makeup- Big light blue eyes, usually with dark circles under them, fair skin with a few freckles across her nose. Skin colored lipstick, (yeah- that would make them pretty pale).

Personality- Sarcastic and temperamental, swears a lot, stubborn, acts rude to cover up her self-consciousness. Quick to get angry and yell at someone. Is very protective of those she cares about, and usually acts tough despite her small size. Underneath that, she Relies a lot on those she loves, and can be very caring and affectionate to those who love her back. 

Piercings/Tattoos- Both ears are pitched twice, no tattoos. 

Relation to Frank- She was the daughter if his guitar teacher, and was often at the studio when he was there for lessons. 

How she was murdered- She had a dream that she died, and after weeks of being paranoid and slowly developing schizophrenia, she killed herself. 

How she reacted to the murders- She became more hostile and withdrawn, rarely eating, speaking, or sleeping.