Review for Auditions!!!!!


(#) tmbfucks 2012-06-16

Name- Penina Dayne
Age- 15
Part- Victim
Hair- Long, straight, chestnut brown hair.
Eyes, Skin and Makeup- Emerald green eyes, pale skin, black mascara, black eyeliner, and neutral lipstick.
Personality- Witty, rude, loyal, friendly, gets inspired a lot, brave, would die for anyone.
Piercings/Tattoos- I don't have any :s
Relation to Frank- I'm his cousin. His dad and my dad were brothers, but they never married, so that's why I have that surname. :)
How she was murdered- A stranger kidnapped me, cut me up slowly so that I felt the pain before I died, and stuffed my body parts into a steel box. My body was never found... yet.
How she reacted to the murders- Became more suspicious of everyone around her, and kept everything she did a secret. Even when she ate breakfast.

I hope this is good. Good luck! :D xx