Review for With regards to veganism...

With regards to veganism...

(#) Frankies_Hands 2012-06-16

Okay, CatscanFlyy covered it.
I'm a vegetarian. When I first decided I was going to stick to it and not do as I had before- go a week or so before caving- it was very difficult to say the least. But you eventually get to the point where you just don't crave meat anymore.
Vitamins are a necessity for me because I don't eat bread at all, nuts rarely, and very little dairy. Which, as I've been multiple times, is apparently ignorant.
Ignorant is probably the biggest name I've been called. Many people wont share the same views as you on topics like this and it's to be expected. Some of us see a suffered, slaughtered cow and not a delicious, juicy, hamburger.
If you want to cut all animal products completely the biggest thing I can say is: Check the ingredients! There are many things I have found to contain animal products that I would never have thought to contain them.
Like I said, CatscanFlyy said about everything already. :3


Author's response

Thank you for telling me :) I kind of think the hardest part will be sausages, that and turkey is the only meat I genuinely like, I actually don't eat much beef,red meat or lamb (chops and such) as it is...

Thanks for the warning on checking labels, I usually look at them only if I'm bored, so that's something I need to remember :3
Megan (and Jack, my twin)