Review for Audition Time!

Audition Time!

(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-06-20

my iPod fucked up, so here's the rest
~Keep in mind, I'm always open to adding characters if a lot of people audition~

And NOW for the Audition Form
eyes- Electric blue with specks of brown
Looks scrawny but is a middle weight
Personality: Has a "dontfuckwithme" attitude, isn't afraid to do and say what she wants. Is confident in her looks, but ISN'T like "bitch please, I'm fabulous!"

Fears: Big ass bugs, losing loved ones, having her heart broken

Important Keepsake(s): A pick necklace (from her older brother who played guitar and died in war), a locket (from her boyfriend; whomever he may be)

Hobbies: BASS! Drawing, music, sleeping, running around, pretty much anything that keeps her hands busy

Part Wanted (include some back-up parts you'd be fine with): Girlfriend? Well anything I guess, I'm not picky

Favorite Member: On a normal day I would have a huge long paragraph ending with a certain name of a certain Ross dude ;) but since (almost) EVERYONE that commented (or whatever you call it) wants him, I say Jon or Brendon

A different member you would be close with: one of the above hun

Any other information: Wants to learn drums, wears the most weird style ever, wants to do something in music when she's older

Hope you like :)

Thanks, now, go ahead and audition :)