Review for AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-06-26

Name: Caitlin Mae

Part: Whatever you see me fit as is fine with me :)

How old you are: 14

How old you actually look: 16/17

Sexual orientation: pretty straight, constantly talking about boys

Attitude: She's a huge ball of energy. She's usually very happy and randomly pointing out things that others overlook. She surprises people with how sarcastic she can be, and has no filter for her mouth, so she says practically everything on her mind.

Appearance: tall (5'9'') with fairly pale skin; forest green eyes that sometimes give off a blue tint; long, curly, chocolate brown hair with purple streaks in her side fringe; pretty curvy

Tattoos/piercings: a silver nose stud; both cartilage pierced

Additional information: she's very into music, and drawing things she dreams about

For fairies:
Describe your wings: Large, purple with silver swirling lines, shimmering and translucent

Describe your outlook on the feud between T and O: She finds it sort of entertaining, and is convinced it's out of sexual tension

What do you look like? very colorful and laid-back

Hope this works for you :)