Review for Stay safe, mon amour

Stay safe, mon amour

(#) Darkmark66 2012-06-27

This was very good I do like Harry/Fleur I have always thought he needed an older counterpart and Fleur has similar problems as Harry she has her Veela traits he has his fame.

I am glad Fleur went back to France and Harry had a reason to live. I think once Riddle is dead Harry would need to leave the UK to avoid being a poster boy or being sent to Azkaban.

The oath was an excellent idea as Harry would need it to be sure and know he is loved.

Fleur's sister will be pleased when Harry returns as she is the one girl Harry saved he never got to know.

I never liked how Hermione and the Weasley's treated Fleur it had to take great spirit and resolve to live in the UK at a time of war and deal with people who did not welcome her. Life for a Veela in magical UK would be so difficult.

Ginny's words in the last book really made me wonder about the girl's mental state she made it sound like Harry was going off on some epic quest rather than going to fight a war for his life, soul and the lives of the non-pure blood.

I look forward to what you do next.