Review for Auditions? New Idea?

Auditions? New Idea?

(#) aMoronGoneViral 2012-06-29

Name- Kathryn Lynn Weatherspoon.
Nickname(s)- Kat, Kath, Chatty Kathy, Waffles, Ariel.
Looks (split for detail)
Hair- Short, shoulder length, dye orange, bangs over right eye.
Eyes- Bright turquoise.
Height/weight/figure- 5'4", 70 pounds, very skinny and frail.
General clothing- Skinny jeans, band tees, occasional shorts.
Anything else with looks? Nope.
Personality- Random, bubbly, hyper, creative, very mature, very shy, quiet.
Fears- Loud thunder and bright lightening, beeping, silence.
Strengths- None, really XD
Something random about the OC (or yourself if your basing it off yourself)- She's a vegetarian, and has a natural talent with drawing.
Part- Gee's girlfriend.
Is it okay if your character dies or gets injured? Sure. Why the hell not?
Anything else you want to add? Her birthday's November 18th...