Review for Auditions? New Idea?

Auditions? New Idea?

(#) LydiaWay 2012-06-29

Name-Lydia Gerrard
Nickname(s)-Lah-dih-dah, Lydz or LydiaChlamidia -__- yes, unfortunate
Looks (split for detail)
Hair - Short, punky, straight, choppy very blonde with a red fringe

Eyes-Big, bright blue eyes. Mostly with dramatic eye makeup:L

Height/weight/figure- short ish.. but long legs for my height. petite and quite an alright figure :D

General clothing- i get labelled as 'emo' and 'scene' a lot but it's really what i like to wear ^-^

Anything else with looks?
self pierced ears (two in each) and one little nose stud (hoping for a lip ring/snakies soon:D

Dude. imma crazy bitch. i'm always hyper!!!
i get hyper over many things, eg raisins, yogurt..etc..
Fears-the exorcist, scary maze game, the dark o.O
Strengths-siinging, acting, being theatrical.. kinda smart i guess
Something random about the OC (or yourself if your basing it off yourself)-i love horror movies. if they're not the exorcist. i love MCR and Gerard Way is my god. :L
Part- ANY (preferably Gee's, Mikey's or Frankie's GF. even Ray; he's so cute:')
Is it okay if your character dies or gets injured? i do not mind. as long as i get an MCR dude as being a best mate or boyfriend. or even if they acnowledge my existence:D
Anything else you want to add?

I hate popular people.
they can go choke on a half baked ladder and die:*

Thanks!:D :D :Dxxx