Review for Auditions? New Idea?

Auditions? New Idea?

(#) YoshikiHide182 2012-06-29

Name- Samantha Gledhill


Looks (split for details)

Hair-Bright pink and black underneath

Height/Weight/figure-5'4, 9 stone and big boned but slim

General clothing- band shirts or film and TV merch,Skinny jeans,Brightly colored blazer and matching pants,studded belt and converse or knee high boots (also wears an X Japan hoodie all the time)

anything else with looks- snake bite
lip rings and ear studs.

Personality- quiet,Crazy,funny, random,creative,smart,sarcastic, caring,protective of friends

Fears- dark, heights and mice

Strengths-singing,guitar,piano, having fun and being caring

Part-you can decide i guess if you want

Is it okay if your character dies or get's injured? i'm okay with it

anything else you want to add? nope

Thanks hope you like OoO