Review for Auditions? New Idea?

Auditions? New Idea?

(#) KilljoyKid 2012-06-29

I'm back to annoy you :D I'm making a boy though cos there's like none yet :3

Name- Rhys Bennet

Nickname(s)- Reece's pieces, RB

Looks (split for detail)

Hair- Kind of messy, choppy, layered, a dark dark brown. He has a fringe.

Eyes- one light blue, one green

Height/weight/figure- tall, thin, not muscly at all!

General clothing- 'grampa' sweaters, jeans, cardigans, plain tee-shirts or stripey ones, jumpers, toms and cons :D

Anything else with looks? no piercings or tattoos, pale and innocent looking

Personality- random, friendly, dreamer, loyal, loving and caring

Fears- what people think of him, bridges and heights

Strengths- cheering others up

Something random about the OC (or yourself if your basing it off yourself)- often goes into 'dream mode' and doesn't sleep a lot

Part- a best friend, or even one of the guy's boyfriend if you want

Is it okay if your character dies or gets injured? yuss

Anything else you want to add? no :)