Review for My Chemical Bucket List

My Chemical Bucket List

(#) KilljoyKid 2012-06-30


-Meet them :/
-Drink Starbucks for the first time with Gerard
-Kiss Gerard on the cheek and tell him he's my hero
-Learn to play like Ray and Frank
-Play video games with Ray and Bob
-Have a dance off with Gee :D
-Get the Black Parade Gerard hair
-Piggyback with Frank :D
-Tell them each how much they mean to me
-Give them some drawings of mine or something
-Get a guitar pick off one of them
-Hug Ray for a solid three minutes. And Frank, Mikey and Gerard and Bob. I will find him
-Watch one of their favorite movies with them
-Just have a nice sit down and talk. I want them to know my hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears, everything :)

I dunno why but I'm crying at the thought of telling them my stories and stuff :'( Not sure if it's a happy cry or sad one...