Review for A long journey's end

A long journey's end

(#) Redsliver 2006-11-01

I like Scott, however I find a race of supposed wiser and peaceful race bristling with anger at a slight of pride, being called Homo Salutor, as a plothole. Someone wise could see that the reporter had no ill intent in using that word and I would suspect that after 25 years with a human girl or 23 years submersed in our culture that this wise race would be able to see that.

Anyway, Gladis Scott is a likeable and strong willed protagonist, I am very interested in how she responds to returning to a world she probably doesn't think of as home. There are a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing substantial. Good luck with your future chapters.

Author's response

I would like to point out that it is the main character, a human, who is evaluating the way humanity is treating these visitors.
Thank you for your review and I'm trying to get the next chapter finished soon, can't garantee anything though.