Review for Auditionistas!


(#) S-C-A-R-E-C-R-O-W 2012-07-04

Name: Sophie

Part: Mikey's wife (please, I'll love you forever) (Or Penina's sister)
(Or Rachel's (BleedingValentine))

Nicknames: Soph, Jesus of Suburbia, The Walking iPod.

Appearance: Tall-ish, slender, blonde chin-length hair, blue-y grey eyes, olive skinned, few freckles, tanned easily, usually wearing black-and-purple nailpolish. Barely ever with makeup.

Age: Well, in real life I'm 12 but you can change that to fit.

Anything else: I'm fairly bonkers. Rarely seen without skinny jeans, Doc Martens Converse and my iPod. I can relate nearly everything to a song album / band.

I think that's it ^_^

Author's response

Hey sistaa!! XD I'm going to be making personalised oneshots so you can be whatever you want with Mikey there! :D xx