Review for Audition!!!!


(#) oh_my_mikey_way 2012-07-10

Name : ella-rose chatterton

Skype Messenger name :oh_my_mikey_way

Gender : female (seriously?!? my names ella-rose!! what guys name is ella-rose??

Looks : 5'7", short black scene hair with turquoise bangs, hourglass figure, long dark eyelashes, pale skin tone (like fucking white), my eyes change colour

Age (15 - 17 ) : 16

Are you self conscious ? no

What was your childhood like? (BE ORIGINAL) : (i can't be bothered to make one up sooo im gonna give you my actual childhood) my dad left when i was 5 because he couldn't take the burden of me having cancer, i left nz to come to america (actually england) when i was 8, i was bullied serverly and after my mum got raped she fell into depression and was drinking all the time, but she still worked as a physcotherapist (thats what i call inrony) and the only reason i havnt killed myself yet is because of my friend cameron (he can be mikey) he found me passed out on the bathroom floor (cliche i know) and just broke down crying and begging me never to let him go and so everytime i think about it he just drags me out of all my sorrow. i literally cant stand being at home with my mum so anytime im home alone i just lock myself up in my room.

If it was a bad childhood which MCR guy knows about it or does anyone know about it? : mikey (best friend cameron)

One favourite band : can i say mcr?? obviously not... greenday.

Band you hate alot : i dont hate any band but i really dont like the saturdays or girls aloud

Talents : i play bass and drums, i dont wanna sound boastful but i know im good at drawing soooo... i can also sing pretty well

Anything else : im obsessed with llamas and afraid of cucumbers, dont judge.