Review for Audition!!!!


(#) ItsM0llyBitch 2012-07-10

Name : Molly Carroll

Skype Messenger name : F3rSureM0lly

Gender : Female

Looks : Long blonde wavy hair with a side fringe and rainbow coontail underneath the right side.
Bright green eyes lined with black eyeliner all the way around.
Clothes she wears: Skinny jeans (sometimes colourful), band tees (MSI, FIR, Anthrax, Metallica, Iron Maiden..), converse (Black or colurful) or ballet pumps and black hoodie unzipped, bracelets on both arms 14+
Has two piercings in each ear, a lip ring on the left and a nose ring on the right

Age (15 - 17 ) : 15

Are you self conscious ? : Most days yes but sometimes she thinks she looks ok when she puts a lot of effort in

What was your childhood like? (BE ORIGINAL) : It was ok, she wasn't abused or anything but her parents fought a lot and divorced when she was 11. She then didn't see her dad much until he had a health scare when she realised she should see him more so she is now close to him. She is very close to her mum, almost more like best friends and she appreciates her loads for coping and making a good life for her even though she struggled with money after losing her job.

If it was a bad childhood which MCR guy knows about it or does anyone know about it? : No one really knows because she doesn't share much as she likes to be happy and keep people happy rather than bring them down but they can find out if needed

One favourite band : Avenged Sevenfold

Band you hate alot : Steel Panther (Sorry)

Talents : Plays bass, draws, writes fiction, writes poems, can sing

Anything else : She's vegetarian, she stands up for everyone and everything to have fair/equal rights and she has an older brother who is 5 years older (don't have to include that if you can't/don't want to)