Review for Audition!!!!


(#) YoshikiHide182 2012-07-10

Name: Awa

Skype messenger Name:YoshikiHide182


Looks: Bleached hair with pink and black highlights,Purple eyes,90 pounds,slim,pale (doesn't tan),always wearing dark makeup and dark or red lipstick.


are you self-conscious? yes

What was your childhood like? (BE ORIGINAL) : was abused as a child and put into social services at the age of 8

If it was a bad childhood which MCR guy knows about it or does anyone know about it? : Frankie knows about it and a few friends but not lots of people

One favourite band(s) : x japan,lordi,my chemical romance,black veil brides,the red Jumpsute apparatus

Band you hate alot : bring me the horizon and paramore

Talents : can speak about 8 languages fluently and can play guitar,bass,piano and drums

Anything else : she has snake bites and tattoos on both arms