Review for What just happened?

What just happened?

(#) NotKissingYouGoodBye 2012-07-11

ok so i like new to this site, n i think i have totally missed something, this is the 6th time I’ve seen/read something about this Tiffanyrose person (the first one was a short, kind of really mean fictional story (really no plot line, just focused on bagging out this Tiffany), and the others I haven’t gone into but they said stuff like ‘she’s back’ Blah, Blah. I don’t really know what’s going on).
Could you may be fill me in on what happen, so far from what I’ve gathered is;

This Tiffany is a real person

She said some really mean things to people and tried taking over this site/tried shutting it down,

She went away after people stood up to her,

Now she’s back,

And some people are been mean to her.


You don’t have to replay, I just feel a little lost and would like to know what happen, plz…

P.s. you seem like the right person to ask, I read you massage (lol which is probably obvious, considering I’m in the review section).

Author's response

Okay, Basic TiffanyRose 101:

Tiffanyrose is a real troll on this site. She did indeed say a bunch of mean things to others, like when new people would post "Hi, I'm new!" notes, she would write on them, "Go away everyone hates you," sort of things.

She managed to bully a few people off here. I stood up to her and started something called 'The League of Extraordinary Authors' which basically said "Shove it, Tiff, we ain't moving."

She left a few days after The League started up. Now she's back, and she apologized, then took it back, and now we're in the middle of Apocalypse Now.

Basically, we don't want her here, she disturbed the peace enough in her first run.