Review for Let down your hair

Let down your hair

(#) MissFilthyDivineMCR 2012-07-12

HAHAHAHA DYING LAUGHING!!!! XD This is too PERFECT! Loved it! This and "Cigarettes and Sass" made the day! OMG THE PART WITH RAY! I can just see him and the guys laughing their asses off as he throws the baby doll up in the treehouse. I laughed so loud! To add to the humor, this was adorably cute too!!! I "awwww'd" for like 10 minutes. Hehe, 1, Frank in a dress and Gee in a prince outfit (soooo CUTE) and the proposal, awwwwwwww OMG!!!! :)))))) I'm such a hopeless romantic! :P
Love, Sabrina XOXO
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