Review for Crazy Kid Helping Crazy Kids

Crazy Kid Helping Crazy Kids

(#) tortillachip 2012-07-21

This is a really great chapter! Frank seemed to have a rough day, which was pretty easy to tell just by some girl crying about her pet woodlouse (I thought that was pretty funny), but I thought Mikey's different approaches to trying to get Frank to help was really interesting to read about. It obviously shows that he loves Gerard and wants him back. I also really liked Frank's take on words and how they can really change things. They really can, and now he knows this first hand because of Mikey and how badly he wants to get Gerard help. I think both Frank and Mikey are really interesting and likable characters. 
Well, great job and I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Author's response

Thank you very much! I think girls crying over woodlice definitely equates to a rough day (glad you found it funny!), or at least a day that was a little tedious to get through. I'm pleased you found the different approaches interesting as I was kinda worried about my writing getting boring towards the end of this chapter. Words can change things a lot, like they can make someone happy or ruin a person's day, and I guess that's what I was trying to get at there. Words did change things for Frank because it was Mikey saying them; Mikey who badly wants his brother to get help. I'm really pleased that you find the two of them likable, I was a little worried that the way I wrote them would make people not so sure.

Thanks for such a detailed review! :D