Review for Harry Potter and the Touch of Destiny

Harry Potter and the Touch of Destiny

(#) Nautilus 2006-11-02

this is brilliant. i can see the manipulative dumbles, but this is prehaps the first story i see which gives a valid reason behind why. And i find really do find myself agreeing to manny factors in the story. Harry has been nothing special, always an average student, sure there have been glimpses of power, but nothing more. And he has made no move to learn anything, he expects to be give everything to him.

This Gus, character should be good for Harry. Make him finally grow up, to be a man, instead of a baby. developing his mental core, will also help the way he processes things and the decisions he makes. This should be very interesting.... look forward to seeing more. update soon. congrats again.

Author's response

Thanks for the review. I really wanted to show the journey from A to B in this fic. Alot of fics just seem to jump to the end result where Harry is powerful and expect us as readers to deal with that. I hope that my story will be more enjoyable and believable by going about it this manner instead.

Harry needed a mentor in my story, but too often I've seen authors use a perfect, all-powerful mentor for him. So, in order to be unique I created Gus. A grizzled former drug addict, with only one year of magical education. I hope he will make for an interesting change of pace from the norm. Thanks again for your review.