Review for Auditions


(#) oh_my_mikey_way 2012-07-24

Age(Must at least 18 unless you're auditioning for the lovechild): 13/21

Your top two choices for a part: love child/other person stuck in the soap opera

Appearance is split for detail-
Hair: short scene, black with cherry bomb red streaks, and cherry bomb red scene fringe

Eyes: my eyes are green with a ring of red around the pupil i get bullied for being 'witch eyed'

Body (This would be height, weight, etc.): 5'3", hourglass figure

Clothes: skinny jeans, bands t-shirts, converse/doc's

Tattoos/piercings: 21 year old: lip ring

Anything else regarding appearance: pale

Personality: really sarky, hyper active, really smart (bit of a know it all really), horror lover, hates her mom with a passion, loves llamas (if 21 smokes)

Do you prefer Frerard or Frikey?: seriously?? your making me decide?? argg bitch!! uhhhhhhhh frikey

Other information: whenever someone say's something like how would you feel about that, oh come on your hogging it she says 'you know what?? i consulted myself about that, and well... it turns out im ok with it' grammar freak, trusts people way to easily and has the urg to hug everyone she meets