Review for Every rose has its thorn

Every rose has its thorn

(#) xXxILoveFrankIeroxXx 2012-08-03

OHMYGOSHYAY. I really didnt think that would count as the third one but it did and I'm soo happy, I litterally squealed when I read i your response. Oh gosh yay, so excited for the next update :')

I'm pretty sure I said this before but I don't care, you'll just have to hear it again becuase I will combust if I don't tell you: You're such a good writer, and this is one of the BEST story ideas on this site. Well actually, on any of the sites I have ever been. I mean, This is about someone falling in love with their concounse (i spelled that so wrong) while trying to save their mothers life as well as their own. It cant get much better then this. Then you bring everything to life and I feel like I'm actually watching it happen, not just reading it and just.. GAH SO AMAZING AND YOU'RE AWESOME AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE CHAPTER TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO SPENCER AND HOW JON IS... and If you actually read this entire thing you deserve a box of really good cookies delivered to you by a sparkly unicorn that will compliment you on your shoes. :')

Author's response

Aww, thank you, I haver never been told that before and this is my first fanfic I have ever done so it really does mean a lot :) sorry that its, taking a while to update.. I am on holiday but when I get back I will update as soon as I can.

Again, thank you so much, that really did make me smile like hell xD