Review for Under City Lights

Under City Lights

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-08-06


Man, you shoulda seen the way that I was sitting here chanting "Asshole, asshole, asshole, asshole," throughout the whole scene with Alex at the restaurant! If fictional characters could only hear... sighs wistfully Anyway. Moving on. We have more pressing matters to attend to.


Excuse me while I find my brain again... eyes puddle of goo on the floor distastefully Ahh, there we go.

I have no idea what you were worried about! That part was freakin' perfect! Just, her whole reaction and Brendon-the-Ass trying to apologize, and... Gah! Brilliant.

Nooooooo! hits head on desk repeatedly Juliet! GIRL, ARE YOU SPECIAL IN THE HEAD?! Argh, I do not have a good feeling about Alex taking her home at all... -.- I'm pretty sure that both of them (Alex and Brendon-the-Ass) are just using her to be like, a trophy girlfriend - you know, just a pretty face but they treat her like shit - or so they can just add her name and face to their list of... 'achievements,' shall we say?

Anyway, there is NO WAY that I'm not letting you not update this soon! I WILL SPAM YOUR REVIEWS (and email inbox if necessary, mwuahaha XD) IF I NEED TO! That's how desperate I am.

Ahhh, what a sad excuse for a human being I am. XD

Author's response

Hahaha, that's a beautiful chant.

Yes- I decided to just have him rush in and blurt it. Haha. Aw, thanks. Yeah, that was the part I was most worried about. I didn't know how he should say it but then I decided to just have him rush it out so that Alex wouldn't say it first- though Alex had no intention of even doing so.
Gotta love the nickname and how well it suits him.

Yes! Bad feelings.

lol I believe you. I'll try to update it soon. If I can't update it today then I will on my next day off- on Monday.

I'm worse lol. I can NOT wait for an update of MTYK. I'm going a little crazy, thinking of what the hell is going to happen.