Review for Too Damn Pretty

Too Damn Pretty

(#) BulletproofNinja 2012-08-06

Did he... Did he KILL him?! O_____o i did not expect that from the title XD
That said, i really liked it. The way you described him was very detailed and described his beauty accurately :P
~BulletproofNinja xo

Author's response

Nooo, he's not dead. I read it over and it does sound like he killed him huh? xD
The little incident with Frankie boy just made him introverted and scared anddd- I think I'll just make this a storylike thingy so I can explain everything. This should be fun! :'D
Misleading titles rule! Luring you in with cuteness, then throwing acid in your face. It's weirdly fun.
I'm glad you liked it though. It really means a lot, seeing as I effin love your writing. No joke, NPSST is on my phone's bookmarks :P
Thankyoouuu c: