Review for Auditions


(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-08-06

Name : Kitty Hiddleston

Age :19

Facial features : one green one blue eye, pixie features, black pixie cut with red chunks.

Appearance : 5ft8, slim, has a scar that goes from her neck down her side all the way to her ankle, has eczema so her arms are covered in scabs.

Background : up to you.

Clothes : Superhero tee shirt, colorful tutu, ripped leggings, snow leopard spirit hood.

Hidden talents : Genius level intelligence, hand to hand combat.

Likes : Art, music, science, books, animals, and comic books

Dislikes : elevators, spiders, and clowns

I've never seen angel so I tried to fill I out as best as I could feel free to change anything you want to :)