Review for Auditions


(#) Cookie_monster 2012-08-07

Name : Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham

Age : 15

Appearance : Dark brown hair with purpe highlights, shoulder-length, straight, full-fringe. Blue eyes. Pale white skin. Birthmark on wrist. Scar on tongue from where she split it open when she was two.

Background : Scared of her Dad and Step-Dad so that made her timid around boys. Brother went to prison when she was eight and has been there three times.

Clothes : Band tee-shirts (We Are The In Crowd, All Time Low, Give Chase), loose jeans of any colour and pink sequin converse. Odd socks.

Hidden talents : Playing piano. Singing.

Likes : Orphan. The Hunger Games. Reading. Writing. Laughing. Chocolate milk. Hugs. Large hoodies.

Dislikes : Horror movies (except Orphan). Being yelled at. Discrimination. Mean people.

Hope that was okay :3

Love Hozzie