Review for I need your opinion

I need your opinion

(#) Simply-Jake- 2012-08-07

I never saw your first note on this because I haven't been on lately but I just read it. I think if you base it around your life the plot will come much easier to you. If you simply replace one of the real life people with a member of the band, it could be very interesting. Depending on what role he plays of course.
One thing I would watch out for of you just a member in there: don't leave it hanging. The whole point o it being in the MyChem section is that it would have something to do with a or multiple members of the band. You don't have to give him tons of lines and make him the main character. I've seen it happen before where he's not much of a role just a character that seems as if you've copied a band member's whole personality to. I've actually done it a few times by accident or merged into it having to adjust myself..
Okay wow. I've rambled and typed enough jibberish for now.
I'm really interested in this story and can't wait to read it. :D