Review for Auditions Wanted!

Auditions Wanted!

(#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-08-09

This sound exciting!! I would like to try my hand at this. :D

Name: Alexandria Wong

Nickname: Alex or Viper...hehe such a stereotypical boss name...

Age(please be realistic a criminal boss isn't going to be seventeen): 28

Personality: Highly intelligent, sarcastic, witty, cunning, sly, thinks on her feet, smooth-talker, dry sense of humor, strong-willed, confident, loyal, brave, and optimistic.

Eyes: Almond shaped and a dark brown-almost black

Hair colour: Jet black

Hair style: Long and layered, hangs at her mid back with a side bang over her right eye.

Body(figure, facial description ect): She's only 5ft 2 inches tall, she has medium tan skin with clear complexion. Her face is a mix of heart-shaped and round. Her body is fit and her waist is slim, but she's a bit on the stockier side. Broader shoulders, bust/rib cage, more muscular thighs, etc.

Scars: She has one on her cheek from a fight. The rest have healed over or faded.

Tattoos/piercings: She has Chinese characters on her right wrist. They are Loyalty, Strength, Wealth, and Power. Her ears are double pierced as well.

Clothes: She enjoys wearing skinny jeans (dark denim) or the occasional leather skinny pants. She wears boots on her feet or converse. She enjoys wearing oxfords when she's going to a meeting or somewhere important, but just normal v-neck t's any other time. She also wears her signature black trench coat on top (picture, The Matrix, Avengers, or Underworld lol).

Likes: Music (classical or rock), art, animals, weapons dealing, reading, and being alone.

Dislikes: People generally. And imbeciles who aren't competent. She also has a dislike for drugs and alcohol. She has no time for petty things like that.

Sexuality: Straight as an arrow

Backstory: She was born in China and left on the street by her poor parents she never knew. Before the world went to Hell she was adopted and lived in (enter location the story takes place). Her parents later left her to a foster home a few years later. She was a rebel and out of control. She shop lifted, set things ablaze, and even tried drug dealing. She was sent to juvie a few times and eventually arrested. When she got out she went right back into drug dealing. She paid her way through two years in a business school with the money, and then dropped out once the fund ended.

She was always smart and found a solution to every situation. She is naive though towards things.

How and why did you get involved I'm crime or the FBI? Once the world turned, she put her shabby business degree to good use. She eventually climbed the ranks in weapons and drug dealing and made herself one of the most powerful criminals in the world (or just the head of the criminals lol).

Fears: Being abandoned or caged.

Part: Head criminal :D Or normal one I guess. I'd really love if you considered my OC for the head though.

Other info: She plays the piano, an old skill from the old world she held onto. She also picked up many languages throughout her trading.

Thank you so much for your consideration and good luck. Even if I don't make it, I'll still read. I love criminal stuff haha.