Review for Auditions Wanted!

Auditions Wanted!

(#) CrimsonRevenge 2012-08-09

Name: Charlie Jennings

Nickname: Charlie

Age(please be realistic a criminal boss isn't going to be seventeen)22

Personality:funny,kind,shy,sweet,smart,weird,crazy, protective of family,creative


Hair color: dark red

Hair style: Long,with lots of hair that covers part of her face, and it is in big curls

Body(figure, facial description ect):pale skinned, curvy, and short in height, around 5'2 ,has huge eyes with full lips

Scars: She has scars on her left arm from self harm from when she was a teenager

Tattoos/piercings: lip ring
Clothes:She loves rock clothes like band tees and tight jeans, but wears black pants, a white button up quarter sleeve shirt with a black half vest a lot when she's in uniform

Likes: writing, music, and painting. She also loves guns and going to the gun range.

Dislikes:nosy people, fake people, rap, boy bands, crappy music

Sexuality: straight

Back story: she was born and raised in New jersey and her mother and father were military personnel and were killed over seas, which sent Charlie to live with her mom's sister and her family in Belle ville, New Jersey

How and why did you get involved I'm crime or the FBI? - she became FBI because she wanted her parent's legacy of doing something for your country to live on. She wanted to be more than just a person going through the motions of living.

Fears:failure, clowns, midgets, spiders

Part:frank's girlfriend

Other info: Very skilled with all sorts of weapons