Review for Auditions Wanted!

Auditions Wanted!

(#) HannahPeanut 2012-08-11

Since no one's gonna audition, ill just make you one. lol

Name: Cristopher Tanner
Nickname: Chris
Age: Cris
Personality: Very quiet, but also mischievous. Awkward and shy around new people, so no one suspects he's a bad guy.
Eyes: Blue
Hair colour: Black
Hair style" Cut very short, kind of hangs around his head very messily.
Body: Tall, and skinny. Slightly tanned skin. The rest is up to you, really.
Scars: One above his left eye from falling off of his bike when he was younger.
Tattoos/piercings: None
Clothes: Jeans, and T-shirts,mostly. Tennis shoes. Carries around a bag to put stuff he steals into.
Likes: Guitars, cats, music.
Dislikes: Loud people, getting caught, having no money.
Sexuality: Straight.
Backstory: He basically just grew up in a bad home, which led him to do bad stuff. He escaped jail, after he was arrested for robbing a bank. Then the head criminal recruited him.
How and why did you get involved I'm crime or the FBI? Explained above. Feel free to add anything you need to.
Fears: Bees, snakes, spiders, blood.
Part: The part you needed.
Other info: Not really anything else to say, huh?